Under the EUROFORM brand is produced film faced plywood for concrete works. When we have created the EUROFORM brand we have set our self the goal to find the optimal ratio between price and performance of the film faced plywood for concrete works, for to offer the best film faced plywood made of poplar and eucalyptus to constructors at the best possible price.

At the moment the construction industry passes through hard times, the construction boom has gone already and all the construction companies make their best to reduce the costs in order to offer better competitive prices and in the same time not to affect the quality. The film faced plywood is one of the most important consumable materials used in capital constructions and is used in large quantities during the constructions of the capital buildings.

The EUROFORM form work plywood is of a good quality, has excellent exploitation characteristics an an attractive price. The EUROFORM will allow its consumers to considerably reduce the costs without affecting the quality and to get more profit. Choosing the EUROFORM yo choose the reliability, durability and the confidence in 100% result